Charged Shot is made of a group of people with diverse backgrounds. Together we form up and create Charged Shot. Read down below to learn more about everyone.


Thomas Riess


Thomas comes from the Great White North and doesn't know anything outside of video games, poutine, and fighting polar bears in the Arctic. After spending over 10 years working in games journalism from writing reviews, producing videos, podcasts, streams, and breaking news stories, Thomas has managed to get an amazing group of friends together to create Charged Shot.

Now guiding the rocket that is Charged Shot, Thomas takes aim at creating one of the most entertaining and informative online media sites.

Twitter: @CSGThomas


Justin Wright.jpg

Justin Wright

Senior Editor

Hey there, folks! My name is Justin and I’m the resident Nintendo fanboy/comic book aficionado/crazy cat guy/pun maker/person who uses too many slash marks to describe himself. I’ll be part of the podcast team and help in any other way I can manage, mostly on the video production side of things as that’s like the only thing I’m good at. By day, I’m a humble office worker and student, but by night…I make dumb YouTube videos and watch way too much Netflix. So, you know, I have a lot of opinions on things, at least. It’s an honor to be a part of this team, and I hope you enjoy what my quirky personality brings to this group, because otherwise Thomas will fire me. 

Twitter: @Zero_Score



Ben Castruita

Senior Editor

Hi people, I'm the self proclaimed Marvelous Iggy but you can call me Ben. I live in Texas where I am a huge advocate of indy games and lover of all fighting games. I'm also a huge comic book fan and wrestling savant and I will make references you don't understand. Finally, no matter what, remember to STAY MARVLEOUS!

Twitter: @MarvelousIggy