Why is Ben So Mad at the Watchmen TV Show!? – Charged Up News 5/23/18

This week Justin and Ben are joined by their friend Luscious Seal to discuss new Amazon shows, Spider-Man casting news, updates about the Fox-Disney merger, and some absurd news about HBO’s Watchmen show, among others.

Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @Marvelousiggy
Seal – @Luscious_Seal
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Charged Up Ep. 7: Media Gods & Robot Jobs

This week Justin and Ben are joined by the one and only Zen (@ZenviousTweets) to discuss how we make forms of media our modern day gospel, how far is too far when it comes to using this media as a form of escapism, and whether technology is going to affect the future of job availability. We also have TWO WEEKS worth of news to comb through.

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