Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 25: Big Black Geno

Big Black Geno

This week we are joined by Anthony of Mellow Gaming and Critapocalypse fame. We talk about all things speed running and some of the best things we have seen from Summer Games Done Qquick. From there we move onto the games we have been playing. No shocker that Thomas is still working his way through Persona. Anthony shares his love for WWE mobile games and Thomas upsets him by telling him about a WWE game not out in the UK.

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Interview with Z.M Thomas of Trepidation Comics and Creator of Bible 2 [Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017]

Justin took a trip to PlanetComicCon in Kansas City and interviewed the creator of Bible 2, Z.M.Thomas. Bible 2 is a comic book series that is the unofficial sequel to the Bible. In this interview, Justin talks about inspirations for Bible 2, Z.M. Thomas’ work before that lead to this inevitable conclusion, possible follow up to Bible 2 and how this comic book series has impacted his career both online and his experience in touring his book.

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Full Shot – Full Throttle Remaster Episode 1: Someone’s Ambushing The Polecasts! [PC]

Thomas and Lo go on an adventure! Will you join us on this Full Shot?

Full Throttle is a fully animated point and click adventure from Lucas Arts, Double Fine Productions with Tim Schafer as Lead Designer.

Full Throttle was Tim Schafers first project as project lead. The game received high praise, and review scores, and rightfully so.

We join Lo and Thomas who are getting into the recently released remastered version of Full Throttle.While Thomas has played and beaten the game many times over, this will be Lo’s first attempt at completing an entire graphic adventure.