What Was Snubbed This Year? – Charged Up News 1/24/18

This week Justin, Ben, and guest host Chris talk about the possible Black Widow solo movie, a new Clue movie from Ryan Reynolds, a paranormal investigation show from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and our opinions on the 2018 Oscar nominations.
Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @Marvelousiggy
Chris – @MetalBlade427
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Charged Up Ep. 16: The Defenders Review

This week, Justin and Ben briefly discuss the recently passed Total Solar Eclipse and the effect it had on the world, and then jump into both spoiler-free and spoiler-FULL reviews of the newest Netflix Marvel series, The Defenders. Then they cover a few obligatory nerdy news stories and keep getting distracted by the usual side-tangents.

Justin – @Zero_Score