Charged Up Ep. 22: A Saga About Saga

This week, Justin and Ben rush the show a bit before Ben leaves for vacation, but they still have some time to discuss all things space…specifically comparing the new shows The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery, and also giving a spoiler free review of the first 12 issues of Saga in hopes that more people will understand how amazing it is.
Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @Marvelousiggy

Charged Up Ep. 21: Predicting the Future of Kingsman

This week Justin and Ben complain about CBS All Access and the sudden prevalence of online subscription services, and then come up with ideas for the next Kingsman sequel and have some fun with the fan casting. There’s also a wee bit of news to cover.
Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @Marvelousiggy

Charged Up Ep. 4 – Alexa’s Big Lady Balls

This week Justin and Ben are joined by Justin’s brother, Matthew (#nepotism), to discuss how men and women are catered to differently by media, how smart technology and Big Data are getting dangerously close to ruling our lives, and a they get into a deeper dive of the new Star Trek show.

Show Notes:
Amazon Echo Show
Game of Thrones S7 Trailer
Venom Movie
Dark Universe Announced
Justice League Dark movie loses Doug Liman
Star Trek: Discovery Episode Order Extended

Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @MarvelousIggy

Matthew – @Wizard_Wizzle

Charged Up Ep. 3: Artsy Sci-Fi Dong

The War Against Penis

Justin and Ben are joined by Justin’s fiance Brooke to discuss how art style can affect enjoyability of an animated show, the double standard when it comes to nudity in modern media, and what makes sci-fi good. They also analyze a handful of upcoming TV trailers and a cover few other bits of TV news.
Show notes:
Justin – @Zero_Score
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