Lo’s Game Of The Year List

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I didn’t have a full list of 10 for my games of the year, mainly because a lot of my gaming time has been spent catching up on games from years past (or grinding in Fortnite). I have played some from this year and I wanted to share them, because I feel like they are great games, some of which may have gone unnoticed for one reason or another.


overload game

Overload is what’s known as a  6 degrees of freedom shooter being developed by Revival Productions, which is made of up former developers who worked on Descent which is the title that Overload succeeds spiritually. Imagine a first person shooter, but you have the same freedom of motion, you would have by enabling the “free camera mode” That’s how movement in Overload is set up.

Missions objectives are simple, make your way to the core of the level, which often times requires obtaining access keys which are hidden in the depths of the level. Once you reach the core (which is more often than not guarded) it needs to be destroyed. Doing so triggers a self destruct sequence, which gives you less than a minute to escape before blowing up. This is where a lot of the challenge comes in, due to the fact that you can rotate your ship in any direction, it’s very easy to become disoriented and lose track of where important things are… like the exit.

Even though this game is in early access, I put it in my list because of the solid game play from a classic that I spent many hours on when I was younger. It performs well for the most part and has a lot of promise

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Quick Shot – Rivals Of Aether

Lo and Justin spar for a few rounds in Rivals of Aether, an indie developed 2D brawler with 8 bit style graphics and mechanics similar to Super Smash Bros.

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