Charged Up Ep. 20: Don’t Let Brett Ratner Hear This

This week Justin and Ben just take a week to casually chat about what they’ve been interested in lately, because sometimes the world is just too crazy to feel like talking about serious topics and it’s better to escape behind a TV or good book. They also catch up on two weeks worth of news, and come to the realization that Brett Ratner is just a bad filmmaker, all around.

Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @Marvelousiggy

Charged Up Ep. 17: Binges and Biases

This week Justin and Ben get together to discuss the good and bad sides of binge-ing media, as well as how everyone should be more open-minded and get over their confirmation biases. There are also mini-discussions about the intricacies of racial diversity in media and why people shouldn’t make fun of fears…specifically Justin’s totally rational fear of clowns.


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Justin – @Zero_Score
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