Interview with Z.M Thomas of Trepidation Comics and Creator of Bible 2 [Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017]

Justin took a trip to PlanetComicCon in Kansas City and interviewed the creator of Bible 2, Z.M.Thomas. Bible 2 is a comic book series that is the unofficial sequel to the Bible. In this interview, Justin talks about inspirations for Bible 2, Z.M. Thomas’ work before that lead to this inevitable conclusion, possible follow up to Bible 2 and how this comic book series has impacted his career both online and his experience in touring his book.

In this interview, we learn how Bible 2 has been received in PC culture. The most interesting tidbit is that the comic book series has been received more positively in the Southern states compared to the more northern states in the Bible belt. We also find out that people genuinely believe that this is a fully endorsed sequel to the Bible and treat it as gospel before reading. Watch the video above to learn more about Bible 2.

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