Funk Unplugged – Shot in Progress

Justin and Thomas get together to take a shot in progress of Funk Unplugged. The build we played through was sent by the developer and was created in February 2017. This game was successfully kickstarted and placed on Steam Greenlight and is slated to release late this year. Funk Unplugged is a 3D action platformer created by Vamped Games. In Funk Unplugged you play as a small amp that is traveling through worlds collecting lightning bolts and records. In this video, we go through two worlds including the new ice world.

The start to the ice world changed up the gameplay significantly  swapping from the established 3D world controls to a more classic 2D platformer. Part way through the 2D level it surprisingly and seemlesly switched into a 3D playing world.  Watch the video above to see more of Funk Unplugged.

For those interested, we have an interview between Justin Wright and Vamped Games.

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