Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 38: Live Action Sonic Furies ft MetalBlade427

This week we invite MetalBlade427 onto the show as we discuss board games and Sonic in live action.

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News Topics

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

The Sonic film will be a blend of live action and CGI animation. Tim Miller is on board as executive producer and Paramout Pictures picked up the rights according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jeff Fowler will have his directorial debut with this film.

Steam Removes 200 Fake Games

BValve has removed 200 fake games from their catelog. Fake games in this sense is when a developer cobbles together a game by asset flipping using generic assets and renaming the games and selling them. They removed 173 games from two developers Silicon Echo Studios and Zonitron Productions. It turned out that it was the same person using different accounts to publish their games. Polygon reported an email that a representative sent to Valve saying they were given no warning and no opportunity to change their ways. The dev then reached out to Polygon that said they were doing shady practices for easier statistical tracking.

They have also said that have been driven out from being a developer because their reputation was destroyed and will quit the industry. This comes after Valve were explicit about making it hard for fake devs to succeed. They also nerfed their trading card system and update their algorithms to separate legit games/players from bots. Bots can have games running and sell these cards on the marketplace for money in Steam Wallets and buy games off the marketplace.

Sony Updates PSVR Headsets

This headset comes with a new breakout box that allows HDR to pass through the HDMI. This means you can still use HDR on your TV with the headset hooked up. The newer breakout box/processor is not compatible with older models.  This headset also includes headphones.

PUBG Hit With Negative Review Bomb

Chinese players are reporting they are receiving ads in PUBG for VPNs. Chinese players have been running into problems where they are experience lag-affected servers and are forced to join European and North American servers. The result is over 10,000 negative reviews have been written on their Steam page.

Spellbound (working title)

Next title from Chucklefish is still early and quite a ways off but it is internally being called Spellbound. This game will be a magic school RPG/life sim. Currently they mostly have the game world lore and characters planned out. They are taking inspiration from Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley and possibly 2D Zelda games. They will also be investigating romance options that are a little more dynamic than just straight forward gaining affection.

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