Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 37: Punch Me Daddy

This week we finally learn after all these years Mario has been abusing Yoshi.

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News Topics          

Nintendo Creators Program Updated User Guide

Nintendo has updated their creators program to exclude streaming on YouTube.

Atlus Issues DMCA to Patreon To Remove Patreon Page For PS3 Emulator

RPCS3 is the name of the PS3 emulator being made. They have put up a Patreon page asking for compensation on their work. Atlus’ claim is that the devs for the emulator is circumventing their DRM and making the game available on a platform not intended. Atlus acknowledged that the PS3 emulator is not infringing on their rights. Patreon did not agree with their request. The emulator team removed any mention of Persona 5 on their page.

“We don’t want their first experiences to be framerate drops, or crashes, or other issues that can crop up in emulation that we have not personally overseen.”

Prepare For More Megaman New December

The Good Life Adds Dogs

The Good Life from Swery will now let you choose which game you would prefer to play. One with dogs or one with cats. The game has reached 18% of it’s goal with 13 days left. The FAQ has not mentioned any plans for if the project has not been funded successfully.

Fortnite Battle Royale Sees 1 Million Player At Launch

Agents of Mayhem Dev Volition Sees Layoffs

Ataribox Will Run Linux with Cost Projection of $250-$300

The machine will run PC games, but it will also be capable of doing streaming, running apps, browsing the web, and playing music. As far as games go, the machine will run the kind of games that a mid-range PC can do today, but it won’t run Triple-A games that require high-end PC performance.

Sea of Thieves Almost Had PC and Console Specific Sails

Game Companies and Voice Actors Reach Tentative Agreement

This strike started 1 year ago against 11 video game companies.

“new transparency provisions,” like disclosing projects’ code names and genres, as well as whether projects will necessitate profanity, sexual content, violence or racial slurs

Bonus payment restructuring: beginning with a $75 payment on the first session and totaling $2,100 after 10 sessions worked.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

You will play as Arthur Morgan and experience the story about him and the Van der Linde gang.

Early Yoshi Prototype

The original concept for Yoshi was more of a reptilian dinosaur and less cute.

Yoshi Has Been Getting Punched All Along

From an interview with Kotaku, Yoshi Island designer Hino, he always designed Yoshi as a character getting punched then the Yoshi shoots its tongue out in surprise.

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