Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 36: Hang Out With My Switch Out

Hang Out With My Switch Out

This week Ben gushes over Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Thomas keeps playing Ys 8, Nero keeps playing Fortnite and Justin hangs out with his switch out.

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News Topics          

More Characters Coming to MvCI

Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom later this year.

MvCI collector’s edition included infinity stones but they look more like infinity eggs to me

Raiden is joining Infamous 2

Build Your Own Zelda

Solarus is a 2D Zelda game engine built on C++

Last Battleborn Update

Servers will still remain but after the fall update, there will be no more Battleplans and no more planned content.

Battlegrounds surpasses DOTA2’s all time concurrent record

All time peak concurrent players: 1,462,708

Project X PUBG Clone Features 400-Player PVP Matches

This game will also feature dynamic weather, roaming wildlife social hubs, and “player-driven story”. This game is coming from UK developer Automaton.

Fortnite Releases BR mode f2p first on September 26th 2017

Bluehole VP Chang Han Kim Concerned About Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode

Epic Games has included a Battle Royale mode in their new game that shamelessly copies the mode from PUBG. In addition, they also include PUBG by name in their promotional materials and press releases.

PUBG uses the UE4 engine so they’ve had an ongoing relationship in some capacity before this.

Fortnite Bridges Gap Between PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox and PS4 players got to play together briefly. Epic Games has said there was a configuration issue and now it has been fixed. They have said they are in favour for it along with Microsoft while Sony has not been in support of cross play with other titles.

Switch Getting New Picross Game

New Picross game from Jupiter who made a load of them ever since Game Boy. The new game is called Picross S boasting 300 puzzles and be priced $8 released on September 28th. The game will include a local co-op play.

Steam Adding Review Graphs

Valve is hoping that the new review graph will help show potential purchasers the reviews in correspondence to the time the reviews were posted. For instance, if a game is getting positive reviews early on then suddenly shows a bunch of negative reviews it theoretically shows when a review bomb occurs. You can read reviews that take place during the timeline you explore.  Valve’s Alden Kroll said they thought about taking a more hands on approach but decided against it. Gamasutra asked Valve if they plan on working further on combating review bombing and Vavle wrote back and the gist is no.

TGS News 

Left Alive Announced 

New game from Square Enix. The game is being made from the Armored Core director Toshifumi Nabeshima and features character designs by Metal Gear character designer Yoki Shinkawa. Also including talent from Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles X. This game is teased for 2018 released on PS4.

Monster Hunter World Release Date January 26th 2018

Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner Remastered with VR support

Neko Atsume Cat Collecting Sim Comes to PSVR

The Switch Holds a Secret Tribute to Iwata

This isn’t entirely confirmed yet but the Switch supposedly has the code to the NES game Golf built-in to each console. In order to gain access to the NES emulator and game Golf a person will need to switch the time on their console to July 11th without ever connecting to the internet and make the gesture Iawta made in the Nintendo Directs.

The way they found out that Golf was built-into the Switch was that someone claimed they played it, someone else found the word flog in the Switch code, and the modder yellows8 found the emulator and game through memory access.

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