Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 33: Fighting Jello

This week the crew fights through Jello to give you the latest news

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THQ Nordic Black Mirror Game

New game in the Black Mirror franchise was announced at Gamescom. The series was initially released in 2003 and has no relation to the TV show. It was a horror adventure game. The most notable change is that the game will have “interaction with vision-like apparitions”. And everyone knows, apparitions means ghosts.

Nintendo Miiverse Shutting Down in November

Miiverse is coming to an end on November 7th at 10pm Pacific. Nintendo has said that users will be able to save your online posts and screenshots and download them to a PC. You will need to go to a specific link through the internet browser and click on “Post History Download Option” You will also need a linked Nintendo account as well.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Releasing on October 20th.

NES Classic Style – Atari 2600

This is an Atari handheld with 50 built-in Atari 2600 games. This device has an AV output to connect to TVs.

Street Fighter 2 Re-releasing on SNES via Cartridge

This cartridge is being produced in conjunction with iam8bit. This will be a $100 collector’s item released in November. The cart will be released in either red or a glow in the dark green. They will be limiting the orders to 5,500. Iam8bit says that this be the first release in their “Legacy Cartridge Collection. Iam8bit has placed a warning that playing the game may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. This is due to the fact that SNES consoles are fairly aged and are uncertain .

Sonic Stuff

Sonic Forces get multiple costumes for pre-order. Nights, Super Monkey Ball, Puyo Puyo, Jet Set Radio, Persona 5 and a skin for your controller.Release date is November 7th Bonus edition is $40.

SEGA Removes Online Requirement for Sonic Mania.  

Sonic Mania was using Denuvo as an anti-piracy method. Denuvo was also requiring people to have their Steam Client to be online in order to play the game. SEGA has made the change after public outcry and when their reviews took a hit on the Steam Store.

Yakuza: Kiwami 2, First of the North Star and Yakuza Online

Yakuza: Kiwami 2 has been announced for Japan and is releasing on December 7th using Yakuza 6’s engine. Yakuza: Kiwami 2 is the remake of Yakuza 2. Yakuza: Online has also been announced for Japan. Yakuza: Online will be free-to-play and take place after Yakuza 6. This will be the first entry in the “New Yakuza Series”. The game will also have a new character as the protagonist. Finally, a new Fist of the North Star will be coming from the Yakuza dev team and released in Japan 2018. The game will have a new story, feature Yakuza-like play spots and have Fist of the North Star protagonist Kenshiro.

Atlas Teases Catherine 2?

Atlas held a program to recruit talent to a new development team called Studio Zero. During the program there were hints as to Catherine 2 might be in the works. This hint was that Trisha, the host from Catherine (in the same vein as the host in The Warriors), appeared on a livestream and asked about when she will be back and shared excitement about the next job.

RAID: World War 2

New game from Starbreeze Studios, RAID: World War 2, has offered a closed beta to Payday 2 owners. The beta will run until September 17th and will launch on PC September 26, October 10th for PlayStation 4, and October 13th for Xbox One. This game is a 4 player co-op shooter set in World War 2. The trailer shows four players essentially robbing a Nazi mansion and blowing it up.

Killing Floor: Incursion Update

Killing Floor: Incursion is a VR mode of Killing Floor and it seems that game is getting an update to be more like Killing Floor. The new game mode is Holdout and here you will fight a wave of enemies until you succumb to the numbers.

Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headsets

Steam content will run on the Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headsets. These headsets will also focus on Windows Store content such as Hulu, Sony and others. Microsoft is also working with 343 Industries to bring Halo to their headset. They are aiming for 90 fps for higher end PCs and 60 for non-ultra setups. Window’s Mixed Reality Headsets will come bundled with controllers for $399.

GTA Online Smuggler’s Run Now Available

Along with a slew of new aircrafts, cars, clothes, and hideouts, players can play a new game mode called Motor Wars. Motor Wars is a game where up to 4 teams can parachute into a deadly periodically shrinking kill box strew with a lethal assortment of guns, explosvies, and weaponized vehicles. Work together, find a vehicle, and fight opposing teams and the shrinking map to survive and win.

PUBG Has Toppled DOTA 2 as Most Concurrent Players Currently

PUBG has toppled DOTA 2 as the most played game concurrently with over 880,000 players and DOTA being just a little bit under that. DOTA 2’s all time peak has been above 1.2 million. PUBG has also sold over 8 million copies of the game. To give perspective CS:GO is usually btween 500k – 700k and the next highest game is GTA 5 averaging 65k – 130k.

Dead Rising 4 Coming to Playstation 4

Dead Rising 4 is coming to Playstation 4 on December 5th. The game will be called Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. In this package is going to be the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, Frank Rising and Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf.

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