Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 30: It’s Fine. It’s OK

This episode is fine. It’s OK.

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Show Notes         

Nick Robinson Apology

Microsoft to Redesign Xbox Achievement System

In an interview with Windows Central Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra said that they want to do a lot more to reflect and let people show their gaming history. This goes more in the direction of rewarding players who may not play a lot of games but play a few games a lot. They want people to show off their gaming history.

Ghost Rider MVCI

Shadow of War Microtransactions

Players can purchase loot chests, war chests, xp boosts and bundles. Loot chests contain weapons armour, and xp boosts. War Chests provide Orc followers and training orders that help level up and customize Orcs. Unlock just XP boosts and bundles that includes all of the above items together. You can purchase loot boxes by gaining in game currency called Mirian or through Gold which can either be earned or bought. Everything acquired by chests can be earned in game.

Call of Duty WW2 Rewards You For Watching People Open Lootboxes

In September issue of Game Informer there was a story about Headquarters which is a social space for people to hangout in. From here you can group up check daily/weekly quests, test fire guns, participate and watch 1v1 matches. You can also watch people open lootboxes and get a reward for it. Activision has not stated what the rewards may be yet.

LawBreakers Patched

LawBreakers on Playstation ran into frame rate and stutter issues.Boss Key has put out a patch to help fix the issues.

LawBreakers Isn’t Breaking Records

LawBreakers has recently launched and the numbers on PC appear to be rather low. Playerbase is down 60% since launch and Concurrent Players data has dipped at one point below 1K players. The number I’ve seen has been just above 800 players. Cliff Bleszinski says he isn’t worried and is taking this game in a long tail approach. He is hoping to build up the player base while they continue working on it.

No Man’s Sky Atlus Rises Update

Massive game updates probably too much for us to cover on the show. The things I’m mostly interested in is the addition of story content, new worlds types and biomes, crashed freighters, updated UI, visual improvements (things used to look more smudgy before), portals (let you revisit old planets and bases as well as visit new worlds. You can share glyph combinations to travel to a specific place), improvements to space combat, low flight, addition of multiplayer (16 players can see and communicate with each other with voice), can summon your ship anywhere, and improved inventory management.

Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC Frozen Wilds Releases November 7th

Will be a $20 story DLC unlocking a new area to the north of the current map.

UFO 50 Trailer

Some of the shumps look great.

Creators of Spelunky Downwell

There is a prehistoric tower defense

Some familiar looking games:

Ice Climbers

Pocky and Rocky

Streets of Rage

Grand Theft Auto 1


Witcher 3 Mod

Geralt of Rivia’s Pro Witcher 3 Mod looks like Geralt is skateboarding without a skate board. I want them to include a skate board in the mod and have sick kickflips happen.

Steam Keeps Growing 

Valve has 27 million new paying members of Steam added since January 2016. Roughly 1.5 million added per month. 33 million daily active players and 57 million monthly active players. Report made in January by Forbes stating that Gabe Newell has a net worth of $4.1 billion making him richer than Oprah.

Metroid Samus Returns Themed 3DS

Metroid 2 Fan Remake Creator Milton Guasti Now Working on New Ori Game

Skull and Bones Going Shared Narrative

Skull and Bone will have a shared narrative that will take place in the multiplayer. The narrative will evolve through months and years.

Super Meat Boy Coming to Switch

Possible physical copy coming

Gamevice Suing Nintendo Over Switch Design

Asking Nintendo to stop selling the Switch and pay them in damages.

Nintendo World Championship 2017

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