Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 12: After Dark

This episode of the Charged Shot Gamescast we bring on the one and only Marvelous Iggy. Unfortunately for him, Thomas was falling asleep and the rest of the crew was getting drunk. We talk about the state of fighting games and eSports as our show opening topic then we move into games. We see the return of Final Fantasy Corner featuring our loveable Justin. Then we move into the news talking about Project Scorpio and CD Projekt Red’s new file for trademark and what trademark means in the modern era.

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Show Notes


Spider-Man Playstation 4 exclusive leak?

Steam updates curation again

Peter Molynuex interview

Mass Effect: Andromeda update

Beyonetta countdown clock

Sony commercializing Playstation VR

Project Scorpio tech revealed

Switch farm challenge

CD Projekt Red file for trademark on Cyberpunk

Hosts and Guests

Special Guest: Marvelous Iggy 

Nerdcore Online

Iggy’s WordPress Site

The Green Lantern Corps

The Warriors Three


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