Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 11: The Golden Poop

This week on the Charged Shot Gamescast NinjaJordan joins us as we discuss how YouTube is broken yet again. This time advertisers are pulling their funding from YouTube and we discuss how this came to be and what YouTube could do to improve relationships between both advertisers and creators. After this topic, we do talk about Zelda again but that’s because Justin just beat it and it’s still taking over Thomas’ life and Jordan is working on an article ranking the best Zelda games. When Jordan brings up this topic we talk about which Zelda games we find to be important and which Zelda games are just good games regardless of time and nostalgia. From there we move into the news and pour one out for Mad Catz while discussing our thoughts on the Destiny 2 trailer. Below you can find the following news articles that were discussed in the show. Thank you for listening to the Charged Shot Gamescast

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Opening Topic

Advertisers pulling out of YouTube


Nintendo Milking Challenge


New Xbox Update

Other stuff

Tomb Raider Movie Reboot

GameStop closing stores

Palmer Lucky leaves Facebook

Mad Catz files for bankruptcy


Starcraft remastered

Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial Removes Time Restriction

Destiny 2 Announced

Guardians of the Galaxy TellTale Game Trailer

Mass Effect issues a statement about release

Mass Effect Blues

Your Hosts:

Special Guest: NinjaJordan



Lo the Hero








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