Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 10: Animecast featuring EpicHedgie

This week we have invited the most Epic Hedgie to join us on our podcast. He brought with himself the love for anime. The first 25 minutes we talk about our favorite animes and how the state of anime evolved. Justin pops in for a few minutes to give his take on Troll and I. Thomas gives his impressions of Old Time Hockey as an old time hockey fan.

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Show Notes:

The Hockey Song


Joy-con sync issues 

Nintendo Wins 3DS Tech Lawsuit

Pokemon Developer Hiring

Other Companies

Mad Catz delisted from New York Stock Exchange

GOG adding cloud saves

Assassin’s Creed TV Show

Facebook adding PC live streaming


Destiny 2 Leaks

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night not coming to Wii U

Collection of Mana Series Announced For Japan

The Surge Gameplay

Kova Trailer

Your Hosts

Special Guest: Epic Hedgie



Swedish YouTube

Lo the Hero




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