Quick Shot: Nakiti Generations (Beta)

Steam game description: 2D action adventure game set in the far future on a mysterious abandoned planet with yourself as the only survivor.

This game is in Early Access and may be changed by the final version. All save data transfers to future updates, though.

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Quick Shot – Rivals Of Aether

Lo and Justin spar for a few rounds in Rivals of Aether, an indie developed 2D brawler with 8 bit style graphics and mechanics similar to Super Smash Bros.

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Fortnite – Early Access… Is It Worth A Shot?

Fortnite – Early Access… Is It Worth A Shot?

Fortnite is a co-op survival action building game from the Epic Games, the developers of titles such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, and is probably better known for it’s notoriously long development time of 6 years since being announced at the 2011 Video Game Awards (VGA).

Fortnite has finally released as early acceess, but is it worth a shot? Lo has been playing a ton of it, and he has some thoughts. He gives us a brief overview of the game, his impressions, and touches on the topic of Free To Play games with Beta Access by way of Founders Packs. More Fortnite content to come!

Quick Shot – Geneshift

Geneshift by Nik Nak Studios

Lo, Thomas & Justin play Geneshift, an early access top down co-op shooter developed by Nik Nak Studios. Due to the fact that game takes notes from titles like GTA 2 and Diablo, it will feel very familiar. It includes rival factions, stealth, vehicles, wave based survival segments, and special abilities which can be augmented to give you an edge in battle.