Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 6: Switch it up!

Hey everyone thank you for listening to our Charged Shot Gamescast. We will now be adding a new segment to the show and that is listener emails. Just write your question, story, compliment or complaint to and get your email read on the air. Have something to say about a certain news item, want to tell Justin to stop the puns, or just want to share an epic story in gaming or life send your email our way.

The Nintendo Switch is now here! We hope you are enjoying your time playing with your Switch. Past us are entirely jealous of present you! Justin is dying of anticipation of the Nintendo Switch launch while Thomas and Lo are cutting their teeth on PC games. Thomas gives his incredibly early impressions of Odyssey, a new early access educational game and the crew reminisces about old educational games they played growing up.

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Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 5: The One With Rants

In this episode of the Charged Shot Gamescast the crew talks about having to deal with tax season and license renewal season. Shortly after we get into the games we’ve been playing and the news in gaming. This week we discuss another surprise gaming TV show from the creators of Adventure Time and Fairly Odd Parents. We rant about the Nintendo Switch again. We get excited for the Crash Bandicoot Remasters. Finally, we rant about PewDiePie, responsibility, community, business, and ethics.

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Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 4: Technical Difficulties Cast

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Justin’s computer crashes, Lo’s couldn’t hear us, Ray’s internet kept cutting in and out and my microphone broke. Yet, somehow, we were able to pull off a great episode filled with gaming news. Hear what we have to say regarding a new Castlevania, E3 going public, more Nintendo news and Call of Duty going back to its roots.
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Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 1: Anticipated Games of 2017 and The Nintendo Switch

In the very first episode of Charged Shot Gamescast we talk about our most anticipated games of 2017. We have Thomas, Justin, Lo and Mark to start things of with what we have been playing. Justin’s been hard at work trying to finish off Final Fantasy 6 for his upcoming story play he is collaborating with his YouTube audience. Lo’s been busy destroying people in Paladins. Mark’s been flying around space searching for aliens in Elite Dangerous. Meanwhile, Thomas is playing The Witcher 3 and discovering why it was the best game of 2015.

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