Charged Up Ep. 6: Wonder Woman Spoilercast

WONDER WOMAN! This week Justin and Ben take a break from the usual format as Thomas joins to discuss all things Wonder Woman, and also spend a bit of time on the news of the week.

Show Notes:
Is Josh Gad Teasing The Penguin?
‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Cartoon Sneak Peak Trailer
‘Suicide Squad 2’ Rumored to Begin Shooting Next Year
‘Cowboy Bebop’ Anime Receiving Live Action TV Show
David Harbour Told He Was “Too Fat” to Play The Blob in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’
Sony to Begin Offering Clean Versions of Movies
‘Justice League’ Set to Feature Additional ‘Wonder Woman’ Actresses

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Ben – @MarvelousIggy
Thomas – @CSGThomas


Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 20: Articuno Air Conditioning

The crew get together the week before E3 2017 to talk about the most important matters in video games such as using an Articuno as an air conditioner.

Show Notes

Shenmue 3 won’t be at E3

New Seaman?

Papers Please short film adaptation

Terminator 2 Remake of Terminator

Monster Hunter XX switch 3ds cross play

NBA Playgrounds players get a free copy of Shaq-Fu Legend Reborn

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster leak

Need For Speed Payback looks good

Pokemon PVP coming to Pokemon GO

Lost Sphear trailer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Goes in-house

Get Your Switch Together

Nintendo Switch online service delayed

Splatoon 2’s voice chat

Charged Up Ep. 5: Branded Nostalgic Fantasy

This week Justin and Ben are joined by Ixen (@GrumpyOwlGaming) to discuss Justin’s new obsession with D&D, Ben’s issues with brand loyalty, and Ixen’s feelings about nostalgia. There’s also some news, which is linked below.

Show Notes:
Cannonball Reportedly Cast in ‘New Mutants’ Movie
‘New Mutants’ Will Be a Horror Movie
‘Silver and Black’ Rumored Movie Story Details
‘Sin City’ TV Series in Development
Director Chosen for Upcoming ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Movie
‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Reportedly in Development

Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @MarvelousIggy

Ixen – @GrumpyOwlGaming

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 19: Lost Transmission

We knew this was going to happen sooner or later. This week Lo and Thomas try their best to make up for a lost episode. We have the recording from a majority of the cast on the lost episode so we may have some fun cuts or clips from the lost episode to post at a later time. For now, Thomas and Lo do their best to break down the news and explain why Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and Gwent are terrible games.

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Charged Up Ep. 4 – Alexa’s Big Lady Balls

This week Justin and Ben are joined by Justin’s brother, Matthew (#nepotism), to discuss how men and women are catered to differently by media, how smart technology and Big Data are getting dangerously close to ruling our lives, and a they get into a deeper dive of the new Star Trek show.

Show Notes:
Amazon Echo Show
Game of Thrones S7 Trailer
Venom Movie
Dark Universe Announced
Justice League Dark movie loses Doug Liman
Star Trek: Discovery Episode Order Extended

Justin – @Zero_Score
Ben – @MarvelousIggy

Matthew – @Wizard_Wizzle