Remember the Dungeons & Dragons Movie!? - Charged Up News 12/20/17

This week's news involved a couple more Disney stories, because odds are most stories will be Disney-related from now on, as well as another look at the upcoming Titans show, a trailer for Ocean's 8, and a surprising slate of upcoming movies from Paramount.

Hosts: Justin - @Zero_Score Ben - @MarvelousIggy

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Charged Up Ep. 5: Branded Nostalgic Fantasy

This week Justin and Ben are joined by Ixen (@GrumpyOwlGaming) to discuss Justin's new obsession with D&D, Ben's issues with brand loyalty, and Ixen's feelings about nostalgia. There's also some news, which is linked below.

Show Notes: Cannonball Reportedly Cast in 'New Mutants' Movie 'New Mutants' Will Be a Horror Movie 'Silver and Black' Rumored Movie Story Details 'Sin City' TV Series in Development Director Chosen for Upcoming 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Movie 'Animaniacs' Reboot Reportedly in Development

Hosts: Justin - @Zero_Score Ben - @MarvelousIggy

Guest: Ixen - @GrumpyOwlGaming