Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 7: Health Risks and Game Journo Ethics

Ethics in Gaming

We have a very special guest with us today he goes by Ghero on Twitch and Twitter.  In this episode we talk about physical and mental health issues for gamers and creatives in the gaming industry. From there we talk about the games we've been playing and I spoil the end of Mafia 3 (That ending is pretty damn great though). We talk more Switch news mainly that the carts taste terrible and the games being released this year. We talk about newly announced games and rumours of Shenmue HD Remaster. Then finally we discuss the pros and cons of Twitch selling games through streamers and discuss what it means by ethics in game advertisements and journalism.

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Show Notes: 


Middle Earth Shadow of War

Rumour: Shenmue HD Remaster

PC Gaming


Peter Moore Leaves Gaming




Lo the Hero


Rick aka Ghero